The Pit of Loneliness: 2007​-​2018

by Satan's Basement

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Collected tracks from splits, demos, and singles recorded after the release of Cerebral Apocalypse in 2007, and Appeal to Your Denial in 2018 (not including Corporate Manufactured Purgatory, that's its own EP).


released December 5, 2018


all rights reserved



Satan's Basement Illinois

Music more underground than the mole people.
Satan's Basement has been causing tinnitus since 2005.

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Track Name: The Spellbook of Lies
Read from the spell book
The Spell book of lies
Read the enchantment
And someone else dies

Mystical warlords
coming to conquer mankind
Suffer the victims
Just by unlocking the mind
Track Name: Preying for the Poor (Demo)
Damned if you do
Damned if you don’t
You die when you get treatment
You die when you won’t

You’ll pay for the rest of your
Miserable life
For the privilege of a chance
To go under the knife

Putting a stigma
On the junkies of your making
You’re the pusher
And the reason they’re taking

Pray, pray
Pray for what?
Your selfish acts
And budget cuts?

Praying for the poor
Preying on the poor
Who are you really
Praying for?
Praying for the poor
Preying on the poor
Who are you really
Praying for?
Praying for the poor
Preying on the poor
Who are you really
Praying for?
Praying for the poor
Preying on the poor
Who are you really
Praying for?

You keep your wealth
For yourself
Keep your trophies
On the shelf

Humanitarian efforts
A facade of your intent
Bleeding dry the public
Without consent
Track Name: Cynical Christmas Carols (Hail Santa)
Thrashing in the snow
As I clutch my open vein
Frozen to the bone
Laughing through the pain

Vision starts to sting
Ahead I see a light
Climbed upon an angel's wings
But demons cling me tight

Jingle bells, jingle bells
Slaughter and decay
Oh what fun it is to die
With the world engulfed in flames

Jingle bells, jingle bells
Slaughter and decay
Oh what fun it is to die
With the world engulfed in flames

You better watch out
You're gonna all die
Look at your world and say goodbye
When Satan's claws are pulling you down
Track Name: Debilitation Through Insolence
No controlling ignorance
Ignoring your instincts for survival
Waste your life just bickering
Turning your companions into rivals

Watch your funds just withering
Wasted on your wants and not your needs
Starve yourself by consequence
Never knowing where your future leads
Track Name: Institution of Pickpockets
An institution of pickpockets
Controlling your future
Testing your patience
As a form of torture

Testing your ability to understand
No clear answer they demand
Splitting your skull, and bleeding you dry
Failing at everything when you try

Finding more ways to wear you thin
See the greed behind their grin
Changing the rules to hold you back
All so you can listen to some old hack

Never completing your ultimate goal
One piece of paper will cost you your soul
Track Name: Exfiltrate Society
I'll never lend a helping hand
I'll kick you down from wear you stand
I want to burn it down to the ground
Kill you all if I hear a sound

Fueled by my disgust for mankind
I destroy all that they've designed
I just feel I can't relate
So all I know is how to hate
Track Name: Jethro Racing Music
Trail of fire down the road
Got no need for moral code
Takes another sip of beer
And puts his pickup back in gear

Dropout rebel with a cause:
To break the records and the laws
Full tank of gas and full of booze
Jethro will not ever lose
Track Name: Mouth Full of Serpents
Narrow shallow mind
A rotting shriveled rind
In a world to which
You are completely blind

Without a thought you breed
The serpents slowly feed
On your mind
Corrupted with greed
Track Name: Fashionable Leprosy
The putrid stench of the living
Makes me crave their death
The withered hand unforgiving
Tears away your breath

No escape from chronology
No hope preserving your youth
No matter what the technology
You can't avoid the truth

Flesh preservation
Meaningless trend
Where do you end?

Changing your face
To show what you are
Covering everything
Masking the scar

Show them perfection
Flaws are your fear
You're fooling no one
With how you appear

Bury yourself
In pitiful lies
Your body lives on
Your spirit dies

See yourself a withered puppet
Covering up your signs of age
Wasting time to counteract it
Now you're on the final page

Ghoulish slave to your perception
Of what you are told to be
In your mirror no reflection
Just a face you'll never see

All your mind had left to offer
Wasted on your worthless face
Even that has lost its value
Lost a soul you can't replace

No one sees you as you once were
Just give up, admit decay
In the end you've brought disaster
To all those that you betray
Track Name: Culture Mutilation
Worthless, useless, hopeless
Knowing nothing
Remote control your brain
Sickness flooding

Knee deep in media vomit
Bleeding money
Pay more, get less, is it
Really funny?

Follow blindly, false prophet
Do their bidding
Purchase to please them, but really
Who are you kidding?

Mindless from the beginning
Snot faced youth
Standing by to watch them
Rape the truth

Plagued with fornication
Mass inebriation
Culture mutilation
Praising your creation
Key to your salvation
Mass obliteration

Your mind behind your face
Clearly vacant
You show, you feel no shame
Your depressant

Arrogant outside, but inside
Slowly dying
Into the lives of others
Constant prying

Society turns to ashes
All shall suffer
Blind eye to those you trust
Feeling tougher?

You still fix your problems
By ignoring
Where's that plan that your fans
Were adoring?

Your administration
Causing devastation
For what consolation?
Rabid contemplation
Of annihilation
Where's your change now, nation?
Track Name: Napalm Factory
Napalm Factory
All the children scream "hooray!"
None of them survive
Track Name: Laceration Masturbation
Aroused by a thirst for pain
I slice my swollen vein
I cringe because I want more
As I lie in puddle on the floor

Slice the vein as I cum
Laceration masturbation

Watch the blood run off my thumb
Laceration masturbation

Slice the vein as I cum
Laceration masturbation

Watch the blood run off my thumb
Laceration masturbation
Track Name: Shower in Sickness
Shower in sickness
Killing the witness
Finding the right way
For you to die

Drinking the putrid
Blood of the undead
Death in an endless
Massive supply

Never escaping
Death is surrounding
Where will you turn
When you cannot hide?

No confrontation
Just mutilation
All of the bloodshed
Is feeding the pride

Ripping your organs
Out with your fingers
Destroying the evil
That kept you alive

Killing yourself
For pure satisfaction
Jokingly thinking
That you might survive
Track Name: Constructed in Honor of a False God
Devoted to living your life for the afterlife
Putting your hopes and your dreams in his hands
Thinking his eye is ever still watching you
Hearing the voice while conquering lands

Constructed in honor of a false god
Constructed in honor of a false god

Blood as an offer
To your master
Building a culture
Upon disaster

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