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by Satan's Basement

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released August 20, 2010

All tracks written, recorded, performed, and produced by Ian Covelli.


all rights reserved



Satan's Basement Illinois

Music more underground than the mole people.
Satan's Basement has been causing tinnitus since 2005.

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Track Name: Fashionable Leprosy
The putrid stench of the living
makes me crave their death
the withered hand unforgiving
tears away your breath

No escape from chronology
no hope preserving your youth
no matter what the technology
you can't avoid the truth

Flesh preservation
meaningless trend
where do you end?

Changing your face
to show what you are
covering everything
masking the scar

Show them perfection
flaws are your fear
you're fooling no one
with how you appear

Bury yourself
in pitiful lies
your body lives on
your spirit dies

See yourself a withered puppet
covering up your signs of age
wasting time to counteract it
now you're on the final page

Ghoulish slave to your perception
of what you are told to be
in your mirror no reflection
just a face you'll never see

All your mind had left to offer
wasted on your worthless face
even that has lost its value
lost a soul you can't replace

No one sees you as you once were
just give up, admit decay
in the end you've brought disaster
to all those that you betray
Track Name: Jethro Racing Music
Trail of fire down the road
Got no need for moral Code
Takes another sip of beer
and puts his pickup back in gear

Dropout rebel with a cause
to break the records and the laws
Full tank of gas and full of booze
Jethro will not ever lose
Track Name: Mouth Full Of Serpents
Narrow shallow mind
a rotting shriveled rind
In a world to which
you are completely blind

Without a thought you breed
the serpents slowly feed
on your mind
corrupted with greed
Track Name: Culture Mutilation
Worthless, useless, hopeless
knowing nothing
remote control your brain
sickness flooding

knee deep in media vomit
bleeding money
pay more, get less, is it
really funny?

follow blindly, false prophet
do their bidding
purchase to please them, but really
who are you kidding?

mindless from the beginning
snot faced youth
standing by to watch them
rape the truth

Plagued with fornication
mass inebriation
culture mutilation
Praising your creation
key to your salvation
mass obliteration

Your mind behind your face
clearly vacant
You show, you feel no shame
your depressant

Arrogant outside, but inside
slowly dying
into the lives of others
constant prying

Society turns to ashes
all shall suffer
blind eye to those you trust
feeling tougher?

you still fix your problems
by ignoring
where's that plan that your fans
were adoring?

Your administration
causing devastation
for what consolation?
Rabid contemplation
of annihilation
where's your change now, nation?

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